Monday, 13 September 2010

New edition of the Gilded Palace radio show went 'live' this weekend. Playlist below...

Hot stuff? Brand new Charlie Parr, who - by the time his tour is done - I will have missed completely :-(. Doubly depressing as he's now met up with the mighty Black Twig Pickers. If you're anywhere near their shows, don't miss what promises to be an incredible bill.

Charlie Parr: Far Cry From Fargo (Electric Picnic session 2009):

Black Twig Pickers: Don't Drink Nothin' But Corn (Chapel Hill, 2009):

Very excited about Irish band, The Dinah Brand (ex-Stars Of Heaven), whose frankly gorgeous new album is released by the same boutique label who brought us The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock, so there's more than one reason to check it out.

Incidentally if you're pining for Stars Of Heaven, you can get both their albums (FREE! and LEGAL!) here: (scroll down to the heading Download Free Albums)

Gilded Palace Radio Show: Playlist until 18th Sept 2010:
1) Black Twig Pickers - Don't Drink Nothing But Corn - Thrill Jockey (UK tour Sept 2010)
2) Charlie Parr - I Dreamed I Saw Jesse James Last Night - Tin Angel (UK tour Sept 2010)
3) The Dinah Brand - What's Required Of A Person - Transduction
4) Dylan Leblanc - Paupers Field - Rough Trade/Beggars USA
5) Mark Olson - Many Colored Kite - Ryko (UK tour, Dec 2010)
6) Devon Sproule - Come Comet Or Dove - Tin Angel
7) Caleb Klauder - Pieces On The Floor - West Sound
8) James Hand - Floor To Crawl - Rounder
9) Panama Red - Wyoming County Catamount -
10) Malcolm Holcombe - Hardcore Dollar - Echo Mountain
11) Damien Jurado - Pear - Secretly Canadian (UK/EU tour Sept/Oct 2010)
12) Wolf People - Sillbury Sands - Jagjaguwar
13) Furnace Mountain - Graveyard/John Brown's Dream - (UK tour Sept/Oct 2010)

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