Monday, 27 January 2014

Gilded Palace Radio Show (27th Jan 2014)

Somebody poisoned the waterhole! The new Gilded Palace Radio Show is up with a little protest thrown in for our West Virginian friends. Can somebody explain why there's been hardly any media coverage? Shocking! Maybe it's a good day to get political... just make sure you've got a good attorney (we have: see Track 26).  

The early rush of great releases continues - this week we can add The New Mendicants (Joe Pernice, Norman Blake and Mike Belitsky (The Sadies) as well as Doug Paisley's third (with guest spots from Garth Hudson and Mary Margaret O'Hara) to the 'potential end-of-year contenders' pile.

Playlist (listen here:
1: The New Mendicants - Cruel Annette - One Little Indian
2: Chris Mills - False Moustache - Loud Romantic
3: Dan Stuart - What Are You Laughing About? - Cadiz
4: Ben Weaver - Mr. Reilly (Vic Chesnutt) - Rock The Cause
5: Brandy Clark- The Day She Got Divorced - Slate Creek
6: Matt The Electrician- Muddy Waters - Matt The Electrician
7: Buzz Busby & Leon Morris - Flat Creek - Rounder Records
8: Thomas Denver Jonsson / I'm Kingfisher- After The Earthquake - Kite Records
9: The Jigantics - Water When The Well Is Dry - Rawtone Records
10: Jason Eady - Liars & Fools - Old Guitar
11: Charlie Parr - Clearlake - Chaperone Records
12: Peter Case - Well Runs Dry - Vanguard
13: Robby Hecht - Soon I Was Sleeping - Old Man Henry
14: David Berkeley - Broken Crown - Straw Man
15: Ed Snodderly - Johnson City Rag - Majestic
16: Rich Mahan & The Cocktail Heroes - Coffee In The Morning - The House Concert European Hub
17: Richmond Fontaine - Collapse - Cavity Search
18: Rob Lutes - The Ship That Sails Today - Lucky Bear Records
19: John Prine - Hello In There - Oh Boy
20: Doug Paisley - Where The Light Takes You - No Quarter
21: TheSweet Lowdown - The Heart Is A Hollow Thing - The Sweet Lowdown
22: Nathaniel Rateliff - Still Trying - Mod Y Vi
23: Shinyribs - Bolshevik Sugarcane - Nine Mile Records
24: Damien Jurado - Silver Katherine - Secretly Canadian
25: Jarrod Dickenson - Misty Eyes & A Troubled Mind - Jarrod Dickenson
26: The District Attorneys - I Can't Make the Distance You'll Have to Meet Me Halfway - This Is American Music

Monday, 13 January 2014

Gilded Palace Radio Show (Jan 13th 2014)

Welcome to the first show of 2014. Not only are there a clutch of great albums for this year already (Jason Eady, Chris Mills, Damien Jurado) but I also appear to have spent the holidays turning up fantastic records I missed in 2013... can't stop playing Shelby Earl, Brandy Clark and the latest Christian Kjellvander. And why haven't I listened to Matt The Electrician before now...?
No good music around nowadays? Don't you believe it for a minute!

On a more sombre note, the show kicks off with a tribute to Will Indian, who passed away a couple of days ago. Will played guitar for James 'Slim' Hand (and Cornell Hurd) and I was lucky enough to not only get to watch him play, but also to travel with him for a few days on James' debut UK tour. Fond memories of a search for "the ultimate balti" in Birmingham, me losing five Texans in full Western dress at Oxford M40 service station (they should have stuck out like a sore thumb, right?). He was a great guitar player and a good (and funny) man. Our thoughts are with his family and his (and our) friends Slim, Speedy and Rusty. There's a nice tribute over at Saving Country Music. RIP Will.

Finally, if you've ever had trouble streaming the show in the past, you'll be pleased to hear that the new Totally Radio site is now up and running. Not only does it feature a completely new look, but you can also stream ANY recent show directly from its own dedicated page. We're catching up :-) Even got a Facebook page...

Show available to listen at and featuring

1: James Hand - Mighty Lonesome Man (Hillgrass Bluebilly)
2: Matt The Electrician - It's A Beacon It's A Bell (
3: Shelby Earl - Swift Arrows (Spark And Shine)
4: Drag The River - Black In Bloom (Xtra Mile)
5: Brandy Clark - Just Like Him (Slate Creek)
6: Christian Kjellvander - The Trip (Tapete Records)
7: Mark Mcguire - In Search Of The Miraculous (Dead Oceans)
8: Ashtray Hearts - Hollow Heart (Free Election)
9: Chris Mills - Quiet Corners ( - UK TOUR FEB 2014
10: Glossary - Bitter Branch (Last Chance - reissued for 2014)
11: Fred Eaglesmith - Whip A Dog (AML)
12: Shinyribs - Take Me Lake Charles (Nine Mile Records)
13: The O's - You Are The Light (Electric Honey)
14: Jarrod Dickenson - Your Heart Belongs To Me (Jarrod Dickenson Music)
15: Damien Jurado - Silver Donna (Secretly Canadian)
16: Brinsley Schwarz - Hymn To Me (UA)
17: Malcolm Holcombe - Straight And Tall (Echo Mountain)
18: Amelia White - Old Postcard (White Wolf)
19: Jason Eady - OK Whiskey (Old Guitar)
20: Susan Cattaneo - Worth The Whiskey (Jersey Girl)
21: Frog Holler - Least Most Wanted (Zobird)
22: Fox And The Bird - When I Was Young (
23: Fox And The Bird - Wreck Of The Fallible (
24: Stevie Ray Latham - Melissa's Song (At The Helm)
25: Nathaniel Rateliff - Don't Get Too Close (Mod Y Vi)
26: Ron Sexsmith - Pennies From Heaven (Vanguard)
27: Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - Rooftops (Magnolia Music)