Monday, 8 April 2013

Gilded Palace Radio Show (April 8th 2013) - Session with Glossary and Austin Lucas

As if I couldn't contain my excitement about the Austin Lucas & Glossary tour hitting Brighton, I wouldn't have dared entertain the prospect of them both coming on to the Gilded Palace Radio Show. As things turned out, it almost didn't happen: Brighton has some terrible traffic when it wants to and we had to bail on original plans. Wouldn't want them being late for their first UK show, now, would we...?

Fortunately, we eventually squeezed in a chat the following morning before they skipped town for the next show, so  - if what you hear sounds a little hurried... well, it was! Still, we managed a couple of songs and a couple more words with Joey, Kelly and Todd from Glossary.  I look forward to welcoming them back when hopefully we'll have time to elaborate on Joey's plans for "saving No Depression" and the band's habit of naming albums after text from books (Cormac McCarthy, Charles Hale and Steven Pinker). If the reception for them in Brighton was anything to go by, they *will* be back.

Then, despite growing anxiety about the time, Austin took over the microphone and (with Kelly) gave us a beautiful rendition of Alone In Memphis from his forthcoming release on New West (New West!), Stay Reckless.  The album features Glossary backing up Austin on all songs, and - if the Brighton show is anything to go by - it will sound something like planets aligning.  I know I'm incapable of objective assessment here, but ask anyone who was there; it was an incredible gig!

Oh, yes, and as if that weren’t enough – we also have new music from The Sadies (and kin) - any other week that would be headline news itself. The Good brothers, Dallas and Travis - along with band-mates Sean and Mike - have recorded an album with their mum, cousin, dad and uncle. You may already know that 'dad and uncle' comprise two of Canadian roots-royalty, The Good Brothers, so expect this album to have many generations of 'chops'. I'll tell you more a little later...

Enjoy the show!

Gilded Palace Radio Show Playlist: April 8th to 22nd 2013 (stream 24/7 at
The Good Family - Coal Black Hills - Latent
Pert Near Sandstone - Ship Of Fools - Pert Near Music
The Revelers - Des Fois -
Cam Penner - Rivers Forgotten - Rawlco Radio
Nels Andrews - Starboard - Nels Andrews
Christa Coutour - Hopeless Situation - One Hand Clapping
Rich Mahan - I’ll Get Off The Booze - Snortin Horse
The Rockingbirds - Fixing The Roof In Your Dream - Loose
Glossary - Keep It Coming - Last Chance (US)/Xtra Mile (UK)
Glossary - Shoulder To Cry On (live in studio) - Last Chance (US)/Xtra Mile (UK)
Glossary - Little Caney (live in studio) -
Austin Lucas - Alone In Memphis (live in studio) -
Austin Lucas - Nevada County Line - Last Chance/ Hometown Caravan
Jenny Ritter - Cold House Song - Jenny Ritter
Melissa Greener - With The Weather - Melissa Greener
Stray Birds - My Brother’s Hill - Stray Birds
Sacri Cuori - Silver Dollar - Decor
Ha Ha Tonka - Close Every Valve To Your Beating Heart - Bloodshot
Stuart Warburton - Fragile Heaven - Big Hat
Anders & Kendall - We Were On Fire Babe - Nine Mile Records
Woody Pines - Railroad Vine - Woody Pines
Rachel Hosking - Parting Glass -
Dubl Handi - Shout Little Lula - Dubl Handi