Saturday, 30 June 2012

Playlist for show 30th June-14th July:
1-American Music Club - Challenger (Virgin)
2-Sun Kil Moon - Ghosts of Great Highway (Caldo Verde)
3-Cory Branan - Karen’s Song (Bloodshot)
4-Chuck Prophet -Waymore's Blues-Decor)
5-Jeffrey Luck Lucas - Just Like Moths-Antebellum)
6-Clodhopper - Thomas Hart Benton (My Own Planet)
7-Toiling Midgets - Mr Foster"s Shoes (Hut)
8-John Murry - Southern Sky (Bucketful Of Brains)
9-James Houlahan - Crooked Line (Continental Song City)
10-Mad Staring Eyes - Experiments (
11-Heritage Blues Orchestra - Big Legged Woman (Raisin’ Music)
12-Hurray For The Riff Raff - Look Out Mama (Loose)
13-Arthur Alligood - Why'd You Let Me Go Cold (Newsong Recording)
14-Jodi Shaw - This Balloon (Continental Song City)
15-The Rockingbirds - Til Something Better Comes Along-Spring)
16-@The Rockingbirds - The Lonely And The Drunk (live in studio) (
17-The Rockingbirds - Love Has Gone And Made A Mess Of Me (live in studio) (
18-The Rockingbirds - Fixing The Roof In Your Dream (
19-Farmer Jason w. Terence Simeon - Bayou Boogie (Hipp-o)
20-The Dreaming Spires - Everything All The Time (Clubhouse)
21-Matt Keating - Wrong Way Home (Sojourn Records)
22-Alexa Woodward - Alexander (Continental Song City)
23-Dirt Daubers - Devil Gets His Due (Colonel Knowledge)
24-Chris Smither - Hundred Dollar Valentine (Continental Record Service/Signature Sounds)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Radio Show (April 21-May 6th 2012)

It has been a non-stop start (tautology?) to 2012. Pretty much worked (toured) relentlessly for four months. Great for me (cool bands like Rich Robinson, Dirt Daubers, Kevin Welch etc): not so great for blogging. So, in the meantime, I'll be chucking up playlists from more recent GP Radio Shows. The Totally Radio website now has a new radio player which allows you to stream shows more readily - and also features three (I think) different Gilded Palace broadcasts for you to stream free-of-charge. Hours and hours of great music :-)

 Gone hefty on the honky-tonk on the latest show (running until May 6th). New tracks too from Small Town Jones, Geoff Farina and Cory Branan and more from The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock's phenomenal new album. I still have to pick my moments when I choose to listen to this (not operating heavy machinery, that kind of thing...). Overwhelming,isn't the word - but it'll do for now. Enjoy!

Playlist until May 6th 2012:
1) Nicki Bluhm - Carousel (Tim Bluhm)
2) Nels Andrews - Flotsam (
3) Cory Branan - Bad Man (Bloodshot)
4) Jennee Halstead - Before I Go (Continental Record Service)
5) Twilight Hotel - Dream Of Letting Go (Cavalier)
6) The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock - Bothar Crua Larthar (Transduction Records)
7) The Wilders - Happy That Way (Free Dirt Records)
8) Tom Armstrong - What Did I Lose? (Carswell)
9) John Lilly - Cold Comfort (Javelina)
10) Rachel Harrington - Love Him Or Leave Him To Me (Continental Record Service)
11) Michael & The Lonesome Playboys - The World Aint What It Used To Be (Black Water)
12) Barney Bentall - Hold My Heart (True North)
13) Lydia Loveless - More Like Them (Bloodshot)
14) Kevin Welch - Midnight And Noon (Music Road)
15) Richard Dawson - Ornithology (
16) Small Town Jones - Oxygen (
17) Geoff Farina - Hammer And Spade (Damnably)
18) Six Mile Grove - Fight Like A Man (Rena’s Kitchen Music)
19) Kenny Young Band - We’ll Find Love Again (Tommy Naples Music)
20) Grand Drive - Wheels (Loose)
21) Pig Earth - Everything (
22) Garron Frith - Pretty Penny (Skiffler Records)
23) Society - Judge And Jury (society music)
24) Lucero - Sometimes (ATO)
25) Glossary - Shaking Like A Flame (

Listen here: (for new TR player) - or here:

 Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers: Carousel (live, Blip Session)

 The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock - The Brutal Here And Now (Part One):