Monday, 28 March 2011

Malcolm Holcombe on The Gilded Palace Radio Show

Sheesh, almost two months since an update. As no-one seems to have noticed, I'll sneak back up to the plate with details of the latest Gilded Palace Radio Show playlist. The incredible Malcolm Holcombe is my studio guest, a second visit for this compelling and unique musician. Malcolm recorded a few live sessions for radio shows during his recent UK tour (Bob Harris, Robert Elms, Ralph Mclean, Judi Spiers (yes, her off Pebble Mill!) and having listened intently to them all, I have to say this one is my favourite. Well, I would say that, wouldn't I...?

In addition to radio sessions, he also paid a visit to a cool little venture in the West Country, called Songs From The Shed. The premise is simple (musicians perform their songs, acoustically, in a shed) and the execution couldn't be more basic (filmed on a hand-held digital camera, i.e. a 'photo' camera using video mode, no fancy lights, no mics/PA) but the results prove that great artists/songs need no 'dressing up'. Part of Malcolm's performance below: visit the site for more of him and the likes of Charlie Parr, Southern Tenant Folk Union, Thirty Pounds of Bone and Water Tower Bucket Boys.

Malcolm Holcombe: Comes The Blues (for Songs From The Shed, March 2011)

New album To Drink The Rain has been getting some excellent reviews, and I would implore anyone who's reading this (and thus, I assume, a fan of the music we cover) to get hold of a copy. Malcolm is a true one-off.

Gilded Palace Radio Show: playlist until Friday 1st April:
The Hiders – Marthaville (
Society - Long Train (
Old Man Luedecke - Lost John (Black Hen)
Carrie Elkin - Jesse Likes Birds (Red House)
Charlie Parr - South Of Austin, North Of Lyle (Nero's Neptune)
Larkin Poe - Free Like A Bird (2 Def Pig)
Wailing Jennys - Songbird (Bright Morning Stars)
John Wort Hannam - Requiem For A Small Town (Black Hen/CRS)
Gurf Morlix - Clay Pigeons (Rootball)
Malcolm Holcombe - One Leg At A Time (live in studio) (Music Road)
Malcolm Holcombe - Becky’s Blessed (Back Porch Flowers) (live in studio) (Music Road)
Malcolm Holcombe - Straight And Tall (live in studio) (Echo Mountain)
Ron Sexsmith - Love Shines (Cooking Vinyl)
Tandy - Becky California (Yellow Slipper)
Dead Rock West - Two Wings (Red River Records)
Hiss Golden Messenger - Drum (Blackmaps)
Elle Osborne - Wide Eyes (Folk Police)
STFU - Don't Take No Notice (Johnny Rocks)
The Wynntown Marshalls - Ballad Of Jayne (Charger Records)
Twilight Hotel - When The Wolves Go Blind (Cavalier)
David Williams - Hick Town (Trapdoor Media)
Peter Cooper and Lloyd Green (The Last Laugh Red Beet)
Austin Lucas - Thunder Rail (Last Chance/Hometown Caravan)