Monday, 6 April 2015

Gilded Palace Radio Show (6th April 2015)

Do the Resurrection shuffle! Charlie Parr’s back! He has a new album, Stumpjumper, released on his new home of Red House Records. Malcolm Holcombe, Thirty Pounds of Bone and Annabelle Chvostek complete a strong week for new releases, along with a brace from JP Harris & The Tough Choices.

Playlist April 6th 2015: listen here -
Charlie Parr: Resurrection: Red House Records
Thirty Pounds Of Bone: Glass Of An Iris: Armellodie
Malcolm Holcombe: Who Carried You: Gypsy Eyes/Proper
Hub City Ramblers: Wild Poppy Bloom: Hub City Ramblers
April Verch: Belle Election: Slab Town
Danny Schmidt: Looks Like God: Live Once Records
Dark Green Tree: Yearn For Love: Haven Records
Gurf Morlix: Orphan Tears: Rootball Records
Vanessa Peters: Pacific Street: Vanessa Peters
Hans Chew: Chango: At The Helm
Michael Dean Damron: Diabetes Blues: Michael Dean Damron
Drew Nelson: Promised Land: Red House Records
Girls Guns & Glory: Moanin The Blues: Lonesome Day
Fernando: Angel Of Death: Domingo Records
The Eastern: Talking Americana Cowboy Yeeha Blues: Rough Peel
Jep And Dep: Baby Come Down: Word Got Out
Kimmie Rhodes: Worthy Cause: Sunbird Records
Audrey Auld: Walls: Reckless Records
Annabelle Chvostek: Jerusalem: Annabelle Chvostek
Mark Olson: Your Life Beside Us: Rykodisc
Jeffrey Foucault: My Mexican Home: Signature Sounds
JP Harris &The Tough Choices: I’m Staying Here: Cow Island
JP Harris &The Tough Choices: Give A Little Lovin’: Cow Island