Monday, 16 May 2011

Pick A Peter

#1: Peter One…

The new Gilded Palace Radio Show (up now) includes a rather lovely session from the fine PETER BRUNTNELL. Pete visited the studio when he was in town for his Brighthelmstone Promotions gig and as well as playing a couple of live acoustic tracks, filled us in on spear-fishing and alien abduction. Then he went and tore up the stage at the Hobgoblin; but that’s another story.

The show’s online now and, if you want to tell friends, available to ‘stream’ any time over the next two weeks (until May 28th)

Pete's new album, Black Mountain UFO, will be releasedjavascript:void(0) by Man Hat On Records in June.

Here's the man himself, playing the should-have-been-pop-smash-hit, Domestico (from Peter & The Murder Of Crows, Loose, 2009)

#2: Peter Two…

The next radio show will feature another Peter, who also happens to be an exceptional songwriter – PETER CASE! Now, we’ve had some special people in the Gilded Palace studio over the past couple of years, but I’m pretty sure even those artists would bow down to Peter Case’s songwriting legend.

Peter is on tour around the UK and hits Brighton on TUESDAY 17th MARCH at the GREEN DOOR STORE (right across the street from The Prince Albert, under the station) and then onto Exeter and Plymouth. (if you are in/near Brighton, Exeter or Plymouth)

Among the vanguard of the modern singer-songwriter movement with his debut solo album in 1986. I’ve been a fan since that record. Having Peter play a ‘double-header’ with STEVE WYNN for us back in 2004 remains a Gilded Palace highlight for me.

Peter has come through life-or-death heart surgery two years ago, to make one of his most compelling albums in Wig – a real, life-affirming raucous record. Through seminal punks The Nerves, seminal power-poppers The Plimsouls and his solo career, he remains (in my book) one of the truly great songwriters: you’ll often hear RICHARD THOMPSON, CHRIS SMITHER and JOHN DOE sing his songs and a recent tribute album confirmed others feel the same – contributors included JOHN PRINE, MARK MULCAHY, HAYES CARLL, RICHARD BUCKNER, STEVE WYNN ,TOM RUSSELL (I could have stopped at Prine, really: no greater recommendation). Peter's playing acoustic and electric as well as some beltin' gob-iron on this tour. Better than this it rarely gets. Evidence…

Ain’t Gonna Worry No More (Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John, Yep Roc, 2007):

"Ain't Gonna Worry No More" by Peter Case from Tom Weber on Vimeo.

Two Angels (from Thank You St. Jude, Prima Records, 2006 and - earlier - The Man with the Blue Postmodern Fragmented Neo-Traditionalist Guitar, Geffen, 1989!):

24 Hours (from Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John, Yep Roc, 2007):

First Light (from Beeline, Vanguard, 2002):

House Rent Party (from Wig, Yep Roc, 2010):

And lastly, a little trailer for Peter's latest album, The Case Files - outtakes, covers, "stuff that fell through the cracks" - available on beautiful translucent pink vinyl (and CD).

Gilded Palace Radio Show Playlist (until 28th May 2011):
1. Peter Case - Kokomo Prayer Vigil (Alive!)
2. Rory McLeod - I Just Want To Be Loved (Talkative)
3. Des Horsfall’s Kuschtey Rye - Something’s Wrong (Valve)
4. Danny And The Champions Of The World - Ghosts In The Wire (SO Records)
5. Oh Susanna - Drunk As A Sailor (Continental Record Service)
6. Blueflint - High Bright Morning (Johnny Rocks)
7. Southern Tenant Folk Union - An Irish Airman Foretells His Death (Johnny Rocks)
8. Viper Central - Down In West Virginia (
9. Foghorn Trio - Greetings From Virginia (
10. Rory Ellis - 65 Pontiac (
11. Austin Lucas - Sleep Well (Last Chance Records/ Hometown Caravan)
12. Redlands Palomino Company - 1879 (Clubhouse Records)
13. Marybeth D’Amico - Beneath The Rubble (Long Man Records)
14. Mountain Goats - Liza Forever Minelli (4AD)
15. Ian McFeron - Windchime (
16. Peter Bruntnell - Black Mountain UFO (Manhaton Records)
17. Peter Bruntnell - Black Windown (live in studio) (Manhaton Records)
18. Peter Bruntnell - Cold Water Swimmer (live in studio) (Loose)
19. Peter Bruntnell - St.Christopher (Manhaton Records)
20. Thirty Pounds Of Bone - How We Applaud The Unhappiness Of The Songwriter (Armelodie Records)
21. Julianna Barwick - Bob In Your Gait (Asthmatic Kitty)
22. Diamond Family Archive - Happy Families (Beard Of Snails)
23. Gregory Alan Isakov - Dandelion Wine (Suitcase Town)


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Glided Palace Radio: Chew, Chew, Hungry, Macgrew, Charlie, Lucas, Case*

New radio show available now (and until May 14th), and another corker it is too! Highest of high-points include the forthcoming, stonking album from DANNY & THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD, REDLANDS PALOMINO COMPANY and MEN DIAMLER. And on the 'live' front you really are spoiled for choice in the UK at the moment, with tours from PETER CASE, AUSTIN LUCAS, HUNGRYTOWN and HANS CHEW - all of these of course feature on the show too.

The madness of Record Store Day threw up an almost overlooked gem in the form of the BLACK TWIG PICKERS/CHARLIE PARR/GLENN JONES split-release (I'm awaiting delivery of Jurado's Live At Landlocked, so look forward to hearing that next time).

Oh, and in all the excitement I almost forgot - 45 minutes of 'live-in-concert' wonderment from MARK OLSON too (just getting you warmed up for The Jayhawks' visit in August :-)

Mmmm, makes me wanna...

Hans Chew - New Cypress Grove Boogie (he'll be 'solo' in Brighton May 7th, go here for details)

Gilded Palace Radio Show playlist (until May 14th 2011:
Danny And The Champions Of The World: Every Beat Of My Heart -
Two Cow Garage: Come Back To Shelby - Suburban Home/Household Name
Hungrytown: Any Forgotten Thing -
Peter Case: Underneath The Stars - Yep Roc
Austin Lucas: Sleep Well - Last Chance Records/ Hometown Caravan
Oh Susanna: Drunk As A Sailor - Continental Record Service
Ciara Sidine: Mercy Moon -
Redlands Palomino Co.: Sirens - Clubhouse Records
Hans Chew: New Cypress Grove Boogie - Three Lobed Recordings
Glenn Jones: Even To Win Is To Fail - Thrill Jockey
Black Twig Pickers With Charlie Parr: Eastmont Syrup - Thrill Jockey
Men Diamler: Emily -
Good Luck Mountain: Reborn - 00:02:59
Shirley Lee: The Country Darkness - Missing Page
Ninja Gun: Roman Nose - Sabot Productions
Mark Olson: Live at Basement, Brighton (December 8th 2010) -


* I almost wish I had found someone to play whose name rhymed with Macgrew so I could have made this work properly!