Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Last Of The Neon Cowboys - in the Gilded Palace studio!

Apologies that this post got lost in the hub-bub of a fun, frantic summer with the family. For posterity (and such a significant visitor *should* be recorded) here's the skinny on a visit by a bona-fide Gilded Palace hero: Jason Ringeberg. Despite being a 'GPOS gig' regular for nigh on 8 years, this was the first time we'd managed to get Jason into the radio show. More recent visits have seen Jason's schedule packed out by not only a 'Ringenberg' show, but also one by his alter-ego children's performer, Farmer Jason. This time, with us out of the promoting game (and not on the road), the field was clear for a sit-down session with the man who is (thanks to his legacy with The Scorchers) responsible for my own love of the music we hold dear. I was an impressionable teenager when I first heard this... (and it looks like they're still cutting it 30 years later!):

Jason And The Scorchers: I Can't Help Myself (live in 2010):

The Scorchers are still a bench-mark band for me: anyone who tries to marry punk and country music has to pay their respects to the mould-breaking antics of these guys back in the 80's. Seek out their 'Reckless Country Soul' EP (the CD reissue, I think: the 7-inch original of 1982 goes for silly money), their 'Fervor' or 'Lost And Found' albums: they're still treading the boards, although in the past ten years or so Jason's been more active as a solo artist.

Jason Ringenberg: Last Train To Memphis (live in Germany, 2009):

Jason's three solo albums (Pocketful Of Soul, All Over Creation, Empire Builders) showcase a great country songwriter, allowing him to take his foot off the Scorchers' 'gas pedal' and bring wider emotional clout to the fore. As far as I know, all three are still in print (via Shoeshine Records (UK) and Yep Roc (US).

Remember, once this show has passed into the archive, you can still listen as subscribers (fiver a month? Nargain, eh...):

Gilded Palace Radio Show: playlist until 1st September 2011:
Have Gun Will Travel - Sons And Daughters Of The Gilded Age (Suburban Home)
Josh Smaill - Somebody’s Queen (Suburban Home)
Jeffrey Foucault - Horse Latitudes (Signature Sounds/CRS)
Catherine Maclellan - Lines On The Road (True North)
Matt Urmy - The Old Photograph (The Red Light Library)
Betty Soo and Doug Cox - Dublin Blues (self-released)
Josh Taerk - Figure This Out (Josh Taerk)
Annabelle Chvostek - Devils Paintbrush Road (self-released)
William Elliott Whitmore - Bury Your Burden (Anti)
Richmond Fontaine - The Eagles Lodge (Décor)
Water Tower Bucket Boys - Meet Me Where The Crow Don't Fly (self-released)
Tori Sparks - There Is An Ocean (Glass Mountain)
Daddy - Early To Bed Early To Rise (Cedar Creek)
Farmer Jason - Whale Oh Whale! (live in studio) (to be released)
Todd Snider - Standing On The Corner (Aimless)
Jason Ringenberg - Last Train To Memphis (live in studio) (Shoeshine)
Jason And The Scorchers - Self-Sabotage (Mammoth)
Willard Grant Conspiracy - Marble (Slow River)
Richard Buckner - Ponder (Décor)
Richard Buckner - Witness (Décor)
Cory Branan - Troublesome Girl (Madjack)
Danny And The Champions Of The World - Henry The Van (Loose)