Wednesday, 8 July 2009

July Shows: Willy Vlautin Exclusive, Jason Ringenberg and - for the nippers - Farmer Jason is back!

Cock-a-hoop to have the ONLY Willy Vlautin solo show in the UK this year!
You can expect to hear a few rare renditions of the Fontaine catalogue, and - we hope - some of the new songs from We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River, an album which should not only cement the band's reputation as masters of the maudlin, but also win new fans with perhaps the strongest set of songs/stories/characters and music the band has yet to record.

SATURDAY 18th JULY: Doors 8:00pm
A co-promotion with ARK PR

£9 advance from Rounder, Resident, Punker Bunker and online at
(Willy’s performance will finish in time for people to catch the last train to London)

(Note: The Basement may be a 'new' venue for many of you. It is located in the North Laines area of Brighton - and is only a short walk from Brighton train station. Kensington Street is the continuation of Sydney Street, and runs parallel to Kensington Gardens (that's the pedestrianised street with Resident Records on it). You’ll find the venue about half way down - opposite that awesome graffiti of James Brown)

Here's the dude singing...

... and reading. Clever so-and-so!

Needless to say, can't wait!

And the weekend continues on a high, with two Sunday shows. Parents, you'll thank us for wearing your kids out so much they won't be complaining it's bed time - they'll already be asleep. Apologies, though, if they can't get up for school on Monday...

I haven't actually checked but I think this may be the first show we've done with an Emmy Award winner!

FARMER JASON (kids' show)
SUNDAY 19th JULY - Doors: 3pm until 5pm
ST, JOSEPH’S HALL, MILTON ROAD (in Hanover, at the bottom of Elm Grove) BN2 9TQ

Tickets £4 from Rounder, Resident, Punker Bunker and online at (NB: It's possible that the online quota will sell out in advance: if you can't get to the shops, there will be more tickets available on the door)

A vid of the kind of fun we can expect...
Farmer Jason - Forest Rhymes

..and, kids, you can rest easy...

We wrap up what should be a fantastic weekend with a show from one of the people responsible for us being here - Jason Ringenberg, cow-punk legend and leader of Jason & The Scorchers!

SUNDAY 19th JULY: Doors 8:00pm

Tickets £7 advance from Rounder, Resident, Punker Bunker and online at

Leader of Jason & The Scorchers, Jason Ringenberg has a celebrated solo career spanning the past ten years or so. If he were only the same barn-storming cowpunk that leads that band, it would be enough to commend his solo show to you, but he is so much more. His songwriting encompasses everything including the injustices of American history, railing against its current figureheads, the fight against mountain-top removal (look it up), and - of course - Honky Tonk Maniacs from Mars. He can be heavy, but he isn’t po-faced. Heck, he’s even been known to regale the ‘grown-up’ audience with a song or two from the Farmer Jason catalogue. See, I told you the Tractor song was fun!