Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Gilded Palace Radio: That's What I Heard

Rather excited about the most recent playlist for the Gilded Palace radio show. Aside from the new releases from My Morning Jacket (already well documented elsewhere) and Southern Tenant Folk Union, I am still bouncing around like a space-hopper to the new EP from Ninja Gun. The first track 'That's Not What I Heard' is as perfect a (Georgia) peach of power-pop as you ever heard - and now has a video to accompany it. The track has a neat 'protest' theme running through it too, and the video plays with this neatly to avoid misrepresenting it a 'preachy' song. Having said that, I'd love to get hold of a copy of The Dummy Bunny's Guide To Starting A Revolution. Watch the video below, and download the full ep at Sabot Productions (Subscribers to Totally Radio can also listen back to the show last May when Jonathon Coody visited the studio to chat and perform two acoustic songs, including the title track of the new EP). I bloody LOVE this band: you should too (album Restless Rubes available in Europe via Gunner Records)

Ninja Gun: That's Not What I Heard (video by Sharkguts Design):
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Gilded Palace Radio Show: playlist until April 29th 2011:
My Morning Jacket - Circuital (
Two Cow Garage - Sadie Mae (Suburban Home/Homwtown Caravan)
Israel Nash Gripka - Black And Blue (Continental Record Service)
Oh Susanna - So Long (Continental Record Service)
Gregory Allan Isakov - Big Black Car (Suitcase Town)
Rachel Harrington - Spokane (Skinny Dennis)
Hooray For The Riff Raff - Daniella (Loose)
Austin Lucas - Keys (Last Chance/Hometown Caravan)
Ninja Gun - That's Not What I Heard (Sabot Productions)
Peter Bruntnell - Penelope Keith Blue (Man Hat On)
Jim Jones - Winter Song (
Redlands Palomino Co. - Call Me Up (Clubhouse Records)
Rebecca Pronsky - Mercury News (Nine Mile Records)
Otis Gibbs - When I Was Young (Wanamaker Recording Co.)
Amy Lashley - Ode To Middle Age (Wanamaker Recording Co.)
Hiss Golden Messenger - Lion (Blackmaps)
Good Luck Mountain - More Than A Feeling (00:02:59 Records)
Southern Tenant Folk Union - An Irish Airman Foretells His Death (Johnny Rocks )
Southern Tenant Folk Union - Pencaitland (Johnny Rocks)
Ian Seigal and The Youngest Sons - The Skinny (Nugene)
Rory Block - Kokome Blues (Continental Record Service)
Old Calf - A Gift A Ghost/Monday Alone (No Quarter)
Devon Sproule - I Love You Go Easy (Tin Angel)
Carrie Elkin - Dear Sam (Red House)
Danny & The Champions Of The World - These Days (Loose)


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Gilded Palace Radio Show/ Peter Bruntnell in Brighton

A new Gilded Palace radio is now available at This one will run until April 15th. Features new releases from Josh T Pearson, Good Luck Mountain (née Tandy), Hiss Golden Messenger, Carrie Elkin and a good few more. Pick of the new releases has to be Black Mountain UFO from Peter Bruntnell, due out in May on Manhaton Records. Known (if at all) for its association with blues artists (Eric Bibb, for one) they couldn't have picked a better album for a foray into a more mainstream world.

Peter Bruntnell? Mainstream? OK, relatively so: but there's nothing 'difficult' about Bruntnell's music, really. Seven albums of hook-y, under-stated, melodic pop genius - most still available from Pete at his new website: The kind of stuff that is still winning him new 'famous' friends - Richmond Fontaine the most recent converts to join Jay Farrar, Mark Eitzel and REM's Peter Buck.

He played a(nother!) blinding show in Brighton on Friday night, with the band in full flight. Yes, watching James Walbourne play guitar still feels like walking in on someone having sex (can't...look...away!), but Danny Williams - why does no-one ever talk about bass players? - was the star of the night for me. Loud (distorted - maybe turn your speakers down) video evidence of a great night below. These (Cold Water Swimmer/ Domestico) and other tracks from Murder of Crows were heavily rocked-up and wonderful in a very different way to the originals.
Peter Bruntnell: Cold Water Swimmer/Domestico: Brighton Hobgoblin, April 1st 2011:

Those of us at the show were lucky enough to be able to buy advance copies of the album (guess they're not worried about chart placings); if you weren't at a gig, I recommend you get yours as soon as it comes out if Sparklehorse-meets-Byrds sounds like it would fly your kite (or UFO!).

Pete also came into the Gilded Palace studio for an interview and to play a couple of songs. That will be on the next show - so I may blog about him again, who knows - nothing would give me more pleasure :-)

Gilded Palace Radio Show playlist - 2nd April 2011:
1. Good Luck Mountain - Perfect Circle (00:02:59)
2. Gregory Alan Isakov - Virginia May (Suitcase Town Music)
3. Amy Lashley - Emmett Till (Wanamaker Records)
4. Hiss Golden Messenger - Isobel (Blackmaps)
5. Rory Block - Write Me A Few Of Your Lines (Continental Record Service/Stony Plain)
6. Redbird - Phonebooth Of Love (Signature Sounds)
7. The Wiyos - Side By Side (Pie Records)
8. Two Fingers Of Firewater - Your Hands (Two Fingers Of Firewater)
9. Josh T Pearson - Thou Art Loosed (Mute)
10. Malcolm Holcombe - Evelyn (Echo Mountain)
11. Peter Bruntnell - Ghost Dog (Manhaton Records)
12. Devon Sproule - Evening Ghost Crab (Tin Angel)
13. Carrie Elkin - Landeth By Sea (Red House)
14. Faded Circus - Bumblebee Lament (Politely Fighting)
15. Wailing Jennys - What Has Been Done (True North)
16. Dave Roterhay - The Puffin And The Squirrel (Proper)
17. Foghorn Trio - I’m Troubled (Doc Watson) (
18. Rebecca Pronsky - Hard Times (Nine Mile Records)
19. Larkin Poe - Spooked (2 Def Pig)
20. Jamie Freeman - Picture Of You (Union Music Store)
21. Laura Cortese Acoustic Project - Overcome (Cortese Music)
22. Brookes Williams - Frank Delandry (Frontier Promotions)
23. Cowboy Junkies - See You Around (Latent/Proper)
24. Two Cow Garage - Make It Out Alive (Sonic Rendevous)
25. Two Cow Garage - Jackson (Suburban Home) - live in Brighton 26th April