Saturday, 14 August 2010

Gilded Palace Radio Show: August 10th 2010

The new edition of the Gilded Palace Radio show is now up at Totally Radio. Playlist below.

You can listen any time over the next two weeks (next show should go up on 27th August). New releases from Mark Olson (touring in December!), Chatham County Line (touring in September!) and covers of Neil Young, Sam Cooke (yes, Sam Cooke) and Prince (yes, Prince).

Also airing recent tracks from Kris Kristofferson and Natalie Merchant, both of whom were ace at Cambridge Folk Festival. No Youtube videos (not that kind of crowd, I guess: no phones in the air... they get het-up about people using high-backed chairs!) so here's another performance from Ms. Merchant:

While I did get Kristofferson to sign an album, I'm afraid I 'bottled' approaching Natalie. Ooooh... ahem, anyway; that playlist...

1. Natalie Merchant - Calico Pie (Nonesuch)
2. STFU - No Work Today (Johnny Rocks)
3. Deer Tick - Choir Of Angels (Partisan/Fargo)
4. Yarn - I Wanted To Get High (Yarn Music)
5. Mark Erelli & Jeffrey Foucault - Powderfinger (Continental Song City)
6. Kris Kristofferson - The Wonder (New West)
7. Abner Jay - I'm So Depressed (Mississippi)
8. Drag The River - Having a Party (Suburban Home)
9. David Celia - I'm Not Texan (XXI)
10. Tom Clelland - I Wish That I Could Write Like Old Guy Clark (Spit & Polish)
11. John Grant - Where Dreams Go To Die (Bella Union)
12. Salter Cane - The Angel Choir (
13. Mark Wynn - Factory Girls (Little Num Num)
14. Mark Olson - Many Colored Kite (Rykodisc)
15. The Jayhawks - Old Woman From Red Clay (American)
16. Zoe Muth - Wasting My Time (
17. Patty Larkin (feat. Roseanne Cash) - The Closest Thing (Signature Sounds)
18. Emil Frijs - Everything's Ruined (Emil Frijs)
19. Hayward Williams - This Bed Ain't Mine (Continental Song City)
20. Chatham County Line - Out Of The Running (Yep Roc)
21. Hillbilly Voodoo - Straight To The Sun (Stone House Records)
22. The Bowmans - Far From Home (Continental Song City)
23. Anders Parker - Tell It To The Dust (Baryon)
24. Will Johnson - Catherine Dupree (Munich Records)
25. Jonas Shandel - Drinking The Water (Nowhere Town)
26. Danny Schmidt - Serpentine Cycle of Money (Red House)
27. Okra Allstars - Purple Rain (Okra)

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