Friday, 1 October 2010

Gilded Palace Radio Show: October 1st 2010

Seeing as the current Gilded Palace radio show will run for another week, and seeing as I didn't blog on the playlist in the first place, here's the gen: the show will be live (i.e. free) for another week before it goes into the archive (i.e. paid).
If you listen even irregularly to the show you can't have failed to hear the name Suburban Home Records mentioned: a little label out of Denver, Colorado that has for the past few years been putting out some of our favourite records. To my knowledge they still don't have distribution in the UK/EU, but hook-ups with like-minded souls at Hometown Caravan (Austin Lucas) and Gunner Records (Ninja Gun) mean it has been easier to get hold of some of their releases more locally. So, once you've enjoyed the first hour of non-SH new releases and other belters (Elf Power's new album!), grab a cold one (can you get PBR over here?!) and enjoy an hour of Sub. Home's finest (and I'll try and be clever and post links to all the releases in the playlist so you can pick them up yourself - or listen to the albums in their entirity thanks to the nifty 'players' on their site).

Show's available (still) until October 8th...

1. Elf Power - Boots Of Lead - Orange Twin
2. Wovehand - Raise Her Limbs - Glitterhouse
3. Salter Cane - Sorrow - (Oct. 21st - 100 Club, London!)
4. Caitlin Rose - For The Rabbits - Names (*still* touring - working her socks off!)
5. Justin Townes Earle - Harlem River Blues - Bloodshot (*not* touring Nov '10!)
6. Ben Weaver - Maiden Cliff (pre-release) - Bloodshot (tour in Jan/Feb '10)
7. The RG Morrison - Becket - Loose
8. Mark Erreli & Jeffrey Foucault - Johnny 99 (Springsteen cover) – Continental Song City
9. Kevin Welch - Patch Of Blue Sky - Music Road
10. Po'Girl - Kathy - Pogirl Music
11. Barton Carroll - Past Tense - Skybucket (touring Oct '10)
12. Dolorean - Thinskinned - Fargo/Partisan (tour planned Feb '11!)
13. Two Cow Garage - Lydia - Suburban Home
14. Two Cow Garage - Montgomery Park (Richmond Fontaine cover!) - Suburban Home
15. Austin Lucas - Somebody Loves You - Suburban Home/Hometown Caravan (touring Oct '10)
16. Austin Lucas & The Takers - Keeps Me In Heartache - Suburban Home
17. The Takers - St Johns Son - Suburban Home
18. Chad Price - Cursed - Suburban Home
19. Drag The River - Smokefinger - Suburban Home/Hometown Caravan (touring Oct '10)
20. Cory Branan & Jon Snodgrass - Yeah So What? - Suburban Home
21. I Can Lick Any SOB In The House - Hotter Hell - Suburban Home
22. Josh Small - My Confessions - Suburban Home
23. Tim Barry - Bus Driver - Suburban Home
24. Ninja Gun - Eight Miles Out - Suburban Home/Gunner Records(peach splatter vinyl!)
25. Sparks – Suburban Homeboys – Artful Records ;-)

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