Monday, 6 September 2010

Chatham County Line - 30+ minute 'live' session/interview

Mooching around the web to see how the press has received their new album, Wildwood, I chanced across this 35-minute video session & interview with the wonderful Chatham County Line.

I'm starting to realise that this is their most accomplished album yet. At first, yes, I still missed the bluegrass stylings of earlier releases (felt the same about IV on first listen), but there's so much more going on in these songs that flashy, hundred-note solos (though John and Chandler get to bust out a few of those too!). Listen to Crop Comes In played here: more to the point, *watch* them perform it - there are more parts than a Meccano set, and no nuts left over at the end! The banjo at the start of Alone In New York already sounds like a classic intro a la Mcguinn on Mr Tambourine Man.

SEVEN songs performed in this session - that's almost two-thirds of the new album! I don't remember the last time I saw a band afforded that luxury in any press engagement. Respect to for give them the time - and to the boys for having the chops to take the challenge. Enjoy this and see them 'live' in a couple of weeks (European dates below)...

... Chatham County Line – European Tour, September 2010
17th - De Roma, Antwerp (BE)
18th – Take Root Festival, Groningen (NL) - 2 shows
19th – Paradiso., Amsterdam (NL)
20th - Tunnels, Bristol
21st – Garage, London
22nd - The Cluny, Newcastle
23rd – Errigle Inn, Belfast
24th – Cleeres, Kilkenny
25th – Crawdaddy, Dublin
26th – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

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