Friday, 3 September 2010

Gilded Palace Radio Show: September 3rd 2010

Another (tardy) edition of The Gilded Palace Radio Show has just gone 'live' at A one-hour show, for one week only: time was tight (just back from tour, kids back to school, etc.) so another one-hour show will follow next week... that equals two hours for the fortnight. All good. Playlist below... link to show at the end of this post.

1) Caitlin Rose - Fetzer's Blues (Spare Me) - Names
2) Ginny Hawker - Wall Of Bottles - Rounder
3) Carrie Rodriguez - Steal Your Love - Ninth Street Opus
4) Eilen Jewell - You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man - Signature
Sounds/ Continental Record Service
5) Barton Carroll - The Poor Boy Can't Dance - Skybucket
6) Chatham County Line - The Ghost of Woody Guthrie - Yep Roc
7) Michael Weston King - Cops Of The World - Valve
8) Dios - Epileptic Tunnel Visions - Buddyhead
9) The Sadies - Another Day Again - Yep Roc
10) Water Tower Bucket Boys - Fromage -
11) Danny & The Champions Of The World - Henry The Van - Loose
12) Elliott Brood - Second Son - Sixshooter

The Caitlin Rose album is very good: a couple of killer tracks and growing on me every play. Ginny Hawker really deserves to get the same kind of attention afforded Diana Jones (deserved though it is: both are exceptional). Finally, if you're reading this any time before Sunday afternoon and you're in the south-east of England, there's still time to get over to Winchester for this unmissable line-up... Danny and Bruntnell on the same bill? God, I hope Elliott Brood and Pete get together for a version of Powderfinger :-D More info at SXSC's Myspace

Peter Bruntnell: False Start:

Danny & The Champions Of The World: These Days:

The Gilded Palace Radio Show on

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