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Gilded Palace Radio Show (March 25th 2013) - Session with Dave Harding (Richmond Fontaine)

It can’t be easy making your way as a songwriter, let alone striking out after a successful stint as a ‘mere’ musician in a band. So, I guess you’d have nothing to lose by compounding the above and moving five thousand miles to start a life in a new country. Dave Harding would know… he’s done just that.

Best known as the bass player and founding member of Richmond Fontaine, Dave has just released his second solo album, You Came Through (on Fontaine imprint, El Cortez). A few months before its release, he also upped sticks from the band’s adopted home of Portland, Oregon, and headed for Denmark with his (Danish) wife and infant son.

Dave has just topped up his English, though, with a short tour of the UK. Dates were booked for the most part through a network of Fontaine fans who have become friends – thanks to the band being just as happy (happier?) to share a beer with fans at the venue bar as to stand on stage and perform a set.

Although there was no Brighton date (this time) I was delighted that Dave made time to visit and record a session and interview for the Gilded Palace Radio Show – and, of course, share a glass or two afterwards! Highlight of the session for me was a gorgeous rendition of Shores Of Cornwall from the album (a song on which Dave doesn't sing on the record, but pulls off brilliantly in the studio).
Three songs are played live and one more selected from the album. Dave also chose a few songs for the playlist from bands with whom he and the Richmond Fontaine guys have become good friends. I am sure I’m not the only person grateful to them for introducing me to Grand Champeen (Fontaine have been their greatest ambassadors over here, as well as covering the GC song ‘Broken Records’ in their set). In addition to Grand Champeen, we’re treated to Stiv Canterelli, Dolorean and Peter Bruntnell. OK, most of them may not be unusual on a GP playlist ;-) 

You can pick up You Came Through via Dave’s Bandcamp page: and ‘befriend’ him on Facebook

Nyd showet! Dave’ll tell you what that means…

Gilded Palace Radio Playlist (March 25th - April 8h 2013):

Jason Molina - Let Me Go Let Me Go Let Me Go - Secretly Canadian
Phil Lee - Blues In Reverse - Palookaville
Rita Hosking - Where Time Is Reigning - True North
Rich Mahan - Math - Snortin Horse
Gurf Morlix - Gasoline - Rootball
Stray Birds - Heavey Hands -
Barney Bentall - 4 Went To War - True North
The Rockingbirds - Til Something Better Comes Along - Loose
Dave Harding - Shelley's Song - El Cortez
Dave Harding - Western Wind (live in studio) - El Cortez
Dave Harding - Shores Of Cornwall (live in studio) - El Cortez
Stiv Cantarelli and the Silent Strangers - Cornerstone Blues - Stove Pony
Dave Harding - Judgement Day (live in studio) - El Cortez
Grand Champeen - Broken Records - Munich
Peter Bruntnell - Domestico - Loose
Dolorean - Hard Working Dogs - Partisan
Woody Pines - Like I Do - Peach Fork
Glossary- Trouble Wont Last Always - Last Chance (UK tour starts Friday!)
Austin Lucas - Somewhere A Light Shines - Hometown Caravan (EU)/Last Chance (US)
Pharis and Jason Romero - Come On Home - Lula Records
Stream the show anytime at (link to player on front page or click through to the Gilded Palace page)


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