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Gilded Palace Radio Show (March 11th 2013) - Save Your Money for... Glossary

Not for the first time, the Gilded Palace Radio Show features two hours of musical foreplay climaxing with Murfreesboro, TN's incredible Glossary. But as the end of March approaches, the prospect of finally seeing the 'real thing' is almost too much to contemplate.
For me, it’s been ten years coming but at long last Glossary are about to embark on their first UK tour. It’s a short tour and in some small (but perfectly formed) venues, but if you’re reading this (and are a fan of our kind of music) you really do need to catch this band. Why...?

Reminiscent of the melodic rock of Tom Petty (Shaking Like A Flame)...
... or the soulful swing of the E-Street Band (These City Lights Shine)...
...and a band not afraid to flaunt their love of UK rockers like Thin Lizzy (‘Save Your Money For The Weekend’ or ‘Lonely Is A Town’).

They’ve won friends in the likes of Lucero (who put out Glossary’s 'Feral Fire' album on their own label) and Austin Lucas (whom we must thank for giving us the chance to see them in Europe at last). Their tour will see them perform with Austin, as his backing band, as well as playing their own opening set. Seven albums into their career, one could arguably write a different (and killer) set-list for each of the shows.
In case Austin is also a new name on you, here he is with a new track - I doubt even the addition of Glossary could improve this ;-)
Austin Lucas: Alone In Memphis (Couch By Couch West, Austin)
And now Glossary have signed to Xtra Mile Records in the UK (home of Frank Turner, Chris T-T, Tim Barry et al) for their latest release, Long Live All Of Us. The album will get a UK release in April 2013. They have been with the excellent Last Chance Records in the US for a couple of albums now - not least, I'm sure, because LCR has a tasty way with coloured vinyl ;-)

You can get off to a good and free start by downloading their excellent 2007 album, The Better Angels Of Our Nature, from the band’s own website: yes, FREE – I told you they were good people! See you down the front!

Austin Lucas and Glossary UK Tour March 2013:
29th March – The Palmeira, Hove (Tickets)
30th March – Windmill, Brixton (Tickets)
31st March – Wharf Chambers, Leeds
1st April – Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh (Tickets)
2nd April – Star And Garter, Manchester (Tickets)
3rd April – The Croft, Bristol (Tickets)

Gilded Palace Radio Show Playlist: March 11th to 25th 2013 (stream 24/7 at
 1) Son Volt - Living On - Rounder
2) Gurf Morlix - My Lifes Been Taken - Rootball
3) Dave McGraw & Judy Fer - So Comes The Day - Dave McGraw & Judy Fer (UK tour in March)
4) Great Peacock - Take Me To The Mountain - This Is American Music
5) Anders and Kendall - Getttin Ready - Nine Mile Records
6) Christopher Rees - Knock On My Door - Red Eye Music
7) Dave Harding - Judgement Day - El Cortez (touring UK until March 16th)
8) Chris Mills - The World Some Sad Hour - Circus 65
9) Erin Enderlin - Lover Don't Go (Nick Lowe cover) - Fiesta Red
10) Caramel Jack - Gone To The Moon - World Of Furr
11) Small Shipwrecks - Camera Marks A Point - Small Shipwrecks
12) Hans Chew - Old Monteagle & Muscadine  - 3 Lobed
13) Rob Lutes - Things We Didn't Choose - Lucky Bear
14) Daniel Pearson - Factory Floor - Saint In The Woods
15) Lisa Richards - Every Star -
16) Michael Hurley - The Revenant - Fundamental
17) Black Prairie - Jump Up Jon - Sugar Hill
18) Black Prairie - Winter Wind - Sugar Hill
19) Pharis and Jason Romero - Long Gone Out West Blues - Lula
20) John Wilkes Boothe - The Possum - self-released
21) Old Man Luedecke - This May Hurt A Bit - True North
22) Jarrod Dickenson - No Work For A Working Man -
23) Diablos - Sleep A Whole Lot Easier - Wrong Guy
24) JP Harris & The Tough Choices - Badly Bent - Cow Island
25) Glossary - Shout It From The Rooftops -

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