Monday, 4 February 2013

Gilded Palace Radio Show (Feb 4th 2013): Take That To The Bank, Charlie...

New show up (Feb 4th) with brand, stomping new Charlie Parr, power-pop bliss from Belgian kids TMGS and an excellent, Townes-worthy track from Utah kids, Wandering Woods. The future of music is in good hands! 
Charlie's new album, Barnswallow, is available from his site on both vinyl and CD (and also released by Tin Angel Records in the UK). Check out his session for Simple Folk Radio, recorded last year...

Charlie Parr: Simple Folk Radio session:

Gilded Palace Radio Show (Feb 4th - 19th 2013) Playlist:
J.P. Harris & The Tough Choices - Return To Sender - Cow Island
Old Man Luedecke - Jonah And The Whale - True North
Charlie Parr - Henry Goes To The Bank - Tin Angel/
Kelly Joe Phelps - Tight To The Jar - Rounder
Blueflint - P45 - Johnny Rocks
Ha Ha Tonka - The Outpouring - Bloodshot (touring UK April/May 2013)
Fred Eaglesmith - 6 Volts - AML
Austin Lucas - Four Wheels - Last Chance (touring UK March 2013 - with Glossary!)
Glossary - Days Go By - (touring UK March 2013 - with Austin Lucas!)
Society - I Do Belong -
Daniel Pearson - Rat Race -
Drew Nelson - St Jude - Red House
Kevin Deal - I Need Revival - Blindfellow Records
Southern Tenant Folk Union - An Duil - Johnny Rocks
The Wooden Sky - Bald Naked and Red - Loose
Damien Jurado - Wherever I May Lay - Secretly Canadian
Wandering Woods - Bethany -
TMGS - Coastlines -
Rob Lutes - Natural Disaster - Nine Mile Records
Annabelle Chvostek - Ona -
Christopher Rees - Sing Out Loud - (new album out now)
Quiet American - I Will Be The One - Boulder Acoustic Society Music
Fuzzy Lights - Summer’s Tide - Little Red Rabbit
Salter Cane - We Are David - Black Ship
The Rockingbirds - Stop The War - Loose
Rebecca Pronsky - Rise Up - Nine Mile Records

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