Monday, 28 January 2013

Gilded Palace Radio Show (Jan 21st - Feb 4th 2013

I'm more excited than normal about the latest show, featuring as it does a track from the forthcoming new album from The Rockingbirds. Only twenty-one years since their debut (and a less totemic 18 years since their second)! It warms my heart to see them recording again: without a doubt, one of the major reasons why I'm still into the music I enjoy. Along with The Jayhawks, Uncle Tupelo and Green On Red et al they were a seminal influence (and the main - only? - one from the UK). 

The album, The Return Of The Rockingbirds is out on Loose Records on February 25th. I've so far played my promo copy as often as my family's collective sanity and patience will allow. Luckily 'Mrs. Scorcher' is also a big fan from back-in-the-day too :-)

Here's a video from when they (we!) were 'ickle': before we all had video cameras in our phones. So glad someone had the foresight to capture this...

The Rockingbirds at The Diorama, London... '91? '92?:

Also, completely bowled over by the new track from TMGS. They're from Antwerp, Belgium and you can download the featured track (Headed Home) from their website They don't even tap you up for your email address - how generous! You'll want to keep in touch though.  I'm really looking forward to hearing the album, 'Rivers And Coastlines: The Ride' - available on CD from Green Cookie and on vinyl from I Have A Tiger.

TMGS: Headed Home (from the album Rivers And Coastlines: The Ride'):

Playlist for the Gilded Palace Radio Show (Jan 21st-Feb 4th 2013):
Slobberbone - Write Me Off - New West
The Rockingbirds - Brand New Plan - Loose
Kevin Deal - There Goes The Neighborhood - Blindfellow Records
Larkin Poe/Thom Hell - Leave - Edvins Record
Vanessa Peters - Grateful -
Anders and Kendall - Dreamers On The Ground - Nine Mile Records
Bean Pickers Union - Tranquility -
Adrian Crowley - Alice Among The Pines - Chemikal Underground
Willard Grant Conspiracy - The Great Deceiver - Loose
Matt Andersen - Make You Stay - Bustedflat Records
Kelly Joe Phelps - Spit Me Outta The Whale - CRS/Black Hen (UK tour cancelled: get well soon, Kelly Joe!)
Fred Eaglesmith - Cigarette Machine - AML (on tour in the UK February 2013 - including Brighton show at the Palmeira on Feb 15th: tickets here)
David Bazan - Harmless Sparks - Undertow Music (Brighton show Jan 31st!)
Southern Tenant Folk Union - Chest Freezer - Johnny Rocks
James Yorkston - A Short Blues - Domino (on tour March 2013)
TMGS - Headed Home - Green Cookie/I Have A Tiger (download this track at
The Wooden Sky - Child Of The Valley - Loose
Dave Harding (Richmond Fontaine) - Wayfarin Blues - El Cortez
Thea Hopkins - Lilac Sky -
Jason Eady - Forget About The Truth -
Old Tire Swingers - 1838 -
Birds Of Chicago - Humbolt Crows -
Rose's Pawn Shop - Danger Behind The Wheel -
Glossary - When Easy Street Gets Hard To Find - (Glossary are on tour in the UK - you really should not miss them! They're opening for Austin Lucas and then playing as his band. Been a long time coming ... Brighton tickets here)

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