Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Time to get excited - more than usual...

I'm aware that a lot of music gets hyped to the heavens, not all of it deserving such high praise; I'm honestly bewildered about how frequently people are telling me about this-or-that 'incredible new album' (they don't come along any more frequently than they used to, do they...?) but here's my two-pennorth for a record that already has my juices flowing, even though it won't be out until September.

Al James' Dolorean have been among the Gilded Palace Hall-of-Famers since we heard Violence in The Snowy Fields in 2004. They broke the mould with the stunning You Can't Win in 2008, a sumptuous feast of an album - which all but disappeared without a trace, signalling the end of his tenure with Yep Roc. (James' own comments on the album are an insightful accompaniment)

At last (and after a break during which You Can't Win became something of a word-of-mouth winner) Dolorean ready their next release. The Unfazed is more than a title, it's an affirmation: we can win.

Two new tracks 'The Unfazed' and Hard Working Dogs' feature in this streaming player, alongside choice back-catalogue numbers - download 'The Unfazed' from the new Dolorean website and look out for the album and tour in the autumn.

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