Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Gilded Palace Radio Show: June 29th 2015

Happy Canada Day! Old Man Luedecke leads a troupe of Canadians right through the show – Sarah MacDougall, Sun Belt and Flophouse Jr follow. Souled American pay tribute to birthday boy, Kris Kristofferson – just don’t tell me how the story ends.

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Playlist for June 29th 2015:

Old Man Luedecke: The Early Days: True North

The Delta Bell: Strings: Ginsoaked/At The Helm
Sean Taylor Songs: The Only Good Addiction Is Love: Sean Taylor Songs
The Stampede String Band: Three Days Waiting: Stampede String Band
Blueflint: I Climbed A Mountain: Johnny Rocks
Malcolm Holcombe: Early Morning: Gypsy Eyes
Daddy (Tommy Womack/@Will Kimbrough) : Nobody From Nowhere: Cedar Creek
Sarah MacDougall: The Story of Pippi And Lionheart: Sarah MacDougall
Don Gallardo & How Far West: Cup Of Rain: Clubhouse
Sun Belt: So For The Stars: Off Season Records
Dale Watson: A Day At A Time: Red House
Bill Feehely: Side Pocket: self-released
Flophouse Jr: Dismay:
Souled American: Please Don’t Tell Me How The Story Ends: Incidental
Elle Osborne: The Murder Of Allen Bain: Earth
Dark Green Tree: Yearn For Love: Haven Records
The Dreaming Spires: Easy Rider: Clubhouse
Kenny Butterill: Dead End Of A Dusty Road: No Bull Songs
Fragile Jack: National Bag: self-released
David Starr & Ben Harris: Ezra Came To Call: David Starr Music & Ben Harris
Simon Stanley Ward: American Voice:
Grant Langston Official Music Page: I Work Too Hard: California Country Union
Jeremy David Pinnell Light Me Up: Sofaburn
Shane Sweeney Music: Complex Ecosystems: Last Chance
Aldous Harding: Titus Groan: Spunk/Woo Me

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