Monday, 13 June 2011

Storming Monday

I somehow managed to fit 27 tracks into the latest two-hour show, and with one of them clocking in near six minutes, I must have kept the chat to a minimum. I wish it were always possible to let the music do the talking – it would do a much better job than we mere mortals. See, I’m trying to avoid falling back on the grandstanding that has to accompany so many new releases, while at the same time alerting you to the fact that today (Monday 13h June) sees two significant releases by artists who consistently float the good ship Gilded Palace. It’s unlikely that either will trouble the charts, of course, and that’s a damn shame to say the least. Every home should have both…

Redlands Palomimo Company have made the album of their careers – thus far, I hope. Only their third, Don’t Fade (Clubhouse Records), is awash with so many great songs it should shame most other bands into issuing a product recall for their own releases. Self-produced too, clever buggers. My only gripe is that it took them this long. When you buy a copy in your local shop, check that they can get more copies later as you’ll no doubt be sending your mates along presently. Failing that, get one from the band at a show: album launch at London’s Lexington on July 28th, with a Brighton show the following night (Hydrant (Preston Circus), Friday 29th): tickets here…

Peter’s Black Mountain UFO (Man Hat On Records) is yet another showcasing his high-calibre of songwriting and apparently effortless (although I’m sure he and writing partner, Bill Richtie, work bloody hard at it) ability to pepper an album with hooks and still have substance. Ascribing genres would somehow cheapen this record: psychedelia? americana? pop? No one alone is sufficient... it is supreme. I was amongst those lucky enough to pick up a copy at Peter (and band)’s shows a couple of months back – I honestly haven’t stopped playing it since. Richmond Fontaine, Kurt Wagner and Kathleen Edwards cannot be wrong! He’s back on the road this summer and I cannot wait to see him again in Brighton (umm Hove, actually) (Palmeira, September 10th - tickets here…

And if there was any doubt that 2011 is going to be a landmark year for UK music, well, next week I’ll be bending your ears about the new albums from Southern Tenant Folk Union and Elle Osborne… and we haven’t even mentioned Danny And The Champions Of The World yet!

Enjoy the show!

Gilded Palace Radio Show Playlist – until June 23rd:
Danny & The Champions Of The World - You Don’t Know (My Heart Is In The Right Place) (SO Records)
Rod Picott - Welding Burns (Welding Rod)
Old Man Luedecke - Yodelady (
Pokey La Farge & The South City Three - So Long Honeybee Goodbye (Continental Song City)
Micshya & The Broken Devils - Gimme A Pigfoot (Lucky Devil)
Hurray For The Riff Raff - Take Me (Loose)
Josh Small - Grace Inez (Hometown Caravan/ Suburban Home)
Peter Bruntnell - Penelope Keith Blue (Man Hat On)
Redlands Palomino Company - 1879 (Clubhouse Records)
Will Scott - Just To Ferry Me Over (
Good Luck Mountain - On Faith (00:02:59 Records)
Elle Osborne - The Captain’s Apprentice (Folk Police)
Southern Tenant Folk Union - I Dream of Buildings (Johnny Rocks)
Greg Brown - Someday Man (Yep Roc)
Peter Case - Ballad Of The Minimum Wage (Alive! Natural)
The Breakers - The Jerry Lee Symptoms (Wicked Cool Records)
Cory Branan - A Girl Named Go (Jackalope)
The Orbitsuns - Drunk In The Pew (
Mark and Mike - The Song Of The One-legged Chicken (Red Beet)
Jimmie Dale Gilmore and The Wronglers - Time Changes Everything (Neanderthal)
Amy Lashley - Lil’ Red Girl (Wanamaker Recording Co.)
Josh T Pearson - Woman When I Raise Hell (Mute)
Hiss Golden Messenger - The Snake Is Kind (Compared To Man) (Blackmaps)
Rory Ellis - Perfectly Damaged (
Richmond Fontaine - The Mechanic’s Life (Décor)
Devon Sproule - I Love You Go Easy (Tin Angel)
Stewboss - Love Under Main Street Lights (


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